Corrosion inhibitor Effectiveness

Inhibitor Likelihood Success Score (ILSS) was introduced by BP, CAPCIS, Intertek and DNV (UK RR1023)as corrosion inhibitor effectiveness:

ILSSILSS criteria

Corrosion inhibition effectiveness monitoring
1) indirect indicators testing
residue corrosion inhibitor concentration
Copper ion displacement
Iron counts and Copra correlation
2) corrosion rate monitoring
Corrosion coupons
Calliper survey for well
Electrochemical methods such as ER/LPR/ECN probes
Referring to NACE standard practice SP 0192, SP 0775 and Publication 3T 199 for further information on field monitoring and testing

Corrosion Inhibition Efficiency

CI efficiency
As rule of thumb, 60~90% is expected and achievable.