Chemical Management Plan in Oil and Gas Industry

Chemicals are ubiquitous in oil and gas industry. The chemicals related accidents are far from rare to occur due to their wide application and complicate nature. It was reported that chemicals are the second leading cause of the US Department of Energy Type A&B accidents[1]. Mishandling of the chemicals is a threat to employees, facilities and general public. All chemical exposures may have the potential for, either immediate or chronic, health consequences. It may cause physical damage such as explosion and/or fire accidents. Some chemicals may lead to the equipment deterioration by corrosive reactions. Spillage of the chemicals may result in the environmental disaster. As a consequence of the incidents, the remedial actions is usually time consuming and expensive.

A well designed chemical management plan (CMP) and its effective implementation is vital for a safe working environment, greater productivity and less requirement for costly remedial action in oil and gas industry.

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