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Cathodic Protection Numeric Method Summary Report

By Bowen Xu The project is object to build and solve a mathematical model using a numerical technique by Boundary Element Method (BEM) for corrosion analysis. At the end, the project is not completed successfully. Reasons are discussed and possible future improvement is outlined. To investigate what went wrong during the project, firstly, we have to know a certain amount of physics and chemistry concepts that underlie the mathematical model.

Hydrotest Water Specification and Integrity Considerations

The pipeline and pressure vessel are required by code to perform hydrotest after their construction, maintenance to demonstrate the strength and integrity. Water is the most common media to be used in this test. There are several standards and code of practice in place for the quality of hydrotest water.  Nevertheless, there is still multiple case of failure while the inappropriate water was used for the hydrotest, which has been proven costly in rectification.

Cathodic Protection Numeric Simulation

Cathodic protection monitoring is a most common practice for the assessment of effectiveness of corrosion protection.  However, metal loss due to corrosion is somehow evident even on pipes are deemed to be well protected based on standard monitoring and survey techniques.  The effectiveness of the the field survey techniques are further questioned for the structures within the common corridor with multiple functioning cathodic protection systems in place. Numeric simulation provides better opportunity to understand the pipe potential as current density along the structure. This, along with standard survey practice, renders a clear picture of the effectiveness of the cathodic protection….
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Cathodic Protection Data Visualisation

One issue in Cathodic Protection (CP) Management is to handle large amount of data. Some specialised programs are available in the market with premium price. We are not discussing those data package, which are normally having lots of redundant functions. In CP daily management, one typical task is to visualise and comparing the data logging data from different test posts recorded in the same time. people will normally use spreadsheet such as MS EXCEL to plot the data. However, MS do have the limitation of 32,000 data point for each dataset, which is often not sufficient in CP data logging….
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Chemical Management Plan in Oil and Gas Industry

Chemicals are ubiquitous in oil and gas industry. The chemicals related accidents are far from rare to occur due to their wide application and complicate nature. It was reported that chemicals are the second leading cause of the US Department of Energy Type A&B accidents[1]. Mishandling of the chemicals is a threat to employees, facilities and general public. All chemical exposures may have the potential for, either immediate or chronic, health consequences. It may cause physical damage such as explosion and/or fire accidents. Some chemicals may lead to the equipment deterioration by corrosive reactions. Spillage of the chemicals may result…
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